What We Do

Fire Technology Consultants (FTC) does much more than determine and analyze the root causes and origins of destructive fires. Our experts help hundreds of insurance companies, attorneys, and industrial clients every year, serving as expert witnesses, preparing lab reports, assisting with case preparation and more. You can rely on the expertise of FTC. All investigations are conducted in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)'s 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations to make absolutely certain you get the answers you need to make educated decisions. We are prepared to handle any request in the fire science field, and, if necessary, we bring in specialists from related engineering, laboratory, and product specific fields.

Our experts can:

  • Determine the origin, cause, and behavior of a fire, whether structural, wild land, marine, or vehicular, as well as whether an injury or death is fire-related.
  • Give expert assistance in case preparation, as well as furnish expert testimony for product liability.
  • Make fire safety and arson threat assessments for public, commercial, and private property, and offer safety instruction, fire prevention and investigative training.
  • Provide essential lab reports for product or incendiary analysis.
  • Offer the services of Hazardous Materials Certified investigators.